About Us

The Centre for Intellectual Property Research, Promotion, and Facilitation (CIPRPF), an integral part of the India SME Forum, is accredited by the Ministry of MSME as their Intellectual Property Facilitation Center (IPFC).

The Intellectual Property Facilitation Center refers to a center that provides services and assistance related to intellectual property matters to facilitate the process of intellectual property protection, offering support for tasks such as filing patent applications, registering trademarks, and navigating other aspects of intellectual property rights with NO SERVICE FEE.

Ensuring the protection and management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is the first step for any business seeking to establish its presence in India, and must be incorporated as an integral part of the business asset growth strategy.

CIPRPF offers a valuable platform for MSMEs to maximize the utilization of their intellectual property assets by facilitating the registration of Trademarks, Geographical indications, designs, Copyrights, and Patents


To empower MSMEs in India by cultivating a culture of strong intellectual property protection through CIPRPF, with the objective of developing an environment in which every MSME recognizes and maximizes the value of their intellectual assets.


As an accredited IPFC, CIPRPF, a division of the India SME Forum, is devoted to offering free IP-related services to MSMEs. Our objective is to guarantee that MSMEs properly safeguard and profit on their intellectual property rights, hence promoting growth and innovation, through education, facilitation, and streamlined registration options.


Helps in identifying, understanding, and using IP for competitive advantage.

Provides IP awareness, protection, training, counseling, and advisory services.

Inculcating IP in day-to-day business and leveraging it for business excellence.